The Fahs Collaborative Mission
Mission Statement


The Fahs Collaborative Laboratory: 

Forging pathways in faith formation that spark the human spirit.

We accomplish this by:

  • Encouraging the co-creation of innovative educational strategies that deepen and expand faith-filled living in every day life;
  • Fostering skills and habits of mind that promote culturally and theologically diverse ways of being in positive and productive relationships;
  • Promoting research, scholarship, professional development and community-building practices that reimagine obstacles into possibilities, creates empowering relationships among uncommon actors, and forges collaborations that subvert business-as-usual outcomes;
  • Using the creative power of technology to build a landscape for collaborative life-long learning that encourages creativity, curiosity and interconnections with the web of life. 
The Revitalization Project: Time to Believe Again!
Why a Collaborative for Faith Formation?