The MacLean Religious Education Collection
Bobbie Poole Leads The MacLean Collection Team
We are delighted to announce that Dr. Bobbie Poole is the new Educator in Residence in support of The MacLean Religious Education Collection!
Contact Bobbie with questions and donations for the Collection. Thank you! 
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The MacLean Religious Education Archives @ Meadville Lombard
A selection from the MacLean Archives The MacLean Religious Education Collection, housed within the Wiggin Library at Meadville Lombard holds an intriguing collection of materials that tell the story of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist Religious Education. The collection's wide array of materials, many of which are rare and historically significant, is an invaluable resource for a people steeped in ideas about theological identity and the spiritual/educational practices associated with that identity. The Collection's inventory ranges from 19th Century RE Curriculum, to curriculum kits, to personal letters, journals, pamphlets, meeting notes, essays, and news clippings. The MacLean Collection, as a whole, helps us understand how our theological frameworks manifested themselves in educational practices of faith formation over time.

In December 2011, Meadville Lombard moved from its historic location in Hyde Park to Chicago’s downtown Loop. The MacLean Collection was included in that move, and is now housed in an environment that can appropriately sustain such a historic treasure chest. Members of the Library staff, along with Master Religious Educator volunteers are presently cataloguing the collection, with aspirations to make it accessible both for in-person exploration, and for those who want digital access.

Below is an incomplete but appetizing list of materials in the RE Collection:


Universalist, Unitarian and UU Religious Education Classics:

• The Beacon Series (1909)

• The New Beacon Series, including titles like Martin and Judy; From Long Ago and Many Lands; Animal Babies; Jesus: The Carpenter's Son; The Church Across the Street; Beginnings: Earth, Sky, Life, Death; The Drama of Ancient Israel; Socrates; War's Unconquered Children Speak;

The Journal of Religious Education

The Science Series (1961-1964)

• Curricula and publications from 19th c. British Unitarian congregations and religious educators

Questions that Matter Most Asked by the World’s Religions by Floyd H. Ross and Tynette Hills (1954)

Beginnings of Life and Death by Sophia Lyon Fahs and Dorothy Spoerl (1938)

Men of Prophetic Fire by Rolland Emerson Wolfe (1951)

What Is Happening in Religious Education by Raymond B. Johnson (1948)


Curriculum Packets

About Your Sexuality

The Church Across the Street

The Haunting House (1974)

Man The Meaning Maker (1970)

• Religious Education Action ClearingHouse (REACH) packets


Essays, articles, pamphlets, curriculum ideas

• Wayne Arnason

• Muriel Davies

• Dorothy T. Sporel

• Margaret Gooding

• Ann Fields

• Richard Gilbert

• Sophia Lyon Fahs

• Angus MacLean

• Frances Wood

Other historical books, manuals, curricula, meeting notes, magazines
Sunday School Manual (1872)

• Young People’s Religious Education (1902-1942)

• Papers, pamphlets, newsletters and publications from our youth movement (LRY, YRUU, etc.) dating from the 1940s

• Liberal Religious Youth (1954-1964)

• Journals and pamphlets of the Unitarian Sunday School Society (19th Century forward)

The Christian Register

• Fahs Center for the Study of Religious Education

• The Winter Institute (meeting notes, student work, programs)